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Oil-Free Screw Compressor - SC200

Oil-Free Screw Compressor


Lightweight and compact, this Drum contactless screw compressor/blower is a unique design in the liquid discharge market providing contaminant-free air and low maintenance for the oil-free discharge of bulk liquids from general purpose tankers eg liquid foodstuff, solvents, acids, alkalis, hot bitumen and other chemicals.

  • Drum brand
  • Compact, oil-free, contactless screw design
  • Direct, hydraulic, e-motor and engine drive
  • Low viscosity liquid discharge from multi-purpose tank-trucks and other tank containers
  • Low maintenance, non-wearing compression bore components, flexible mounting options

Maximum flow: 150m³/hr (88 cfm) at 2.5 bar g (36 psi g); maximum pressure: 2.5 bar g (36 psi g).