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Air-Cooled, Oil-Lubricated Vacuum Pumps - SLS34/54

Air-Cooled, Oil-Lubricated Vacuum Pumps


Wittig air-cooled, oil-lubricated vane compressor/vacuum pumps designed for the loading and discharge of bulk liquids from liquid tankers including slurry/sewage collection vehicles and other small suction vehicles.

  • Wittig brand
  • Compact, air cooled, oil lubricated vane designs
  • Direct, belt, hydraulic, e-motor and engine drive
  • Liquid slurry/sewage collection and discharge from small vacuum/pressure tanks
  • Discharge of pressure/vacuum tanks in combination with larger vacuum pumps

Flowrate up to 310m³/hr (182 CFM) at 1500rpm, 600 mbar/60% (18"hg) vacuum
Maximum vacuum to 800 mbar/80% (24" Hg)