• 15K Dump Style Tuf-Guns

    The Gardner Denver all-new Tuf-Gun series of hand-held control guns offer lighter weight and ergonomic design combined with the power to handle the toughest cleaning jobs effectively. The block and cartridge are stainless steel, while the fully adjustable handles and shoulder stock are made of a durable light-weight high tensile polymer. Endurance trials by cleaning contractors have given these guns rave reviews.

  • 15K Dry Shut Tuf-Guns

    Dry Shut Control Guns designed for applications in which remote dumping minimizes discharge water in the blasting area.


  • 15K Foot Guns

    10/15K Foot Operated Control Guns with many safety features...

  • 20K Foot Guns

    The Gardner Denver 20K Foot Operated Control Gun features a fully enclosed Safety Guard, and increased foot pedal area to both minimize fatique and ensure positive valve operation, “quick change” cartridge overhaul in 60 seconds and 9/16" MP inlet and outlet ports...

  • 20K Dry Shut Tuf-Guns

    20K USDS Dry Shut Control Gun for use in areas where a remote dumping station is used to keep discharge water to a minimum.

  • 20K Dump Style Tuf-Guns

    Gardner Denver’s All-New 20K Tuf-Gun hand held control guns have been re-designed to be the best in the industry for light weight, durability, ergonomic comfort and performance.  Each features the famous Gardner Denver tool-free 60-second cartridge overhaul, fully adjustable stocks and hand grips...

  • 40K Foot Guns

    The Gardner Denver UHP-40K High Pressure Dump Style Foot Operated Control Gun is designed for use with 30 KPSI and 40 KPSI pumps. The UHP-40K Footgun uses the “quick change” cartridge type valve. The valve assembly can be replaced in less than a minute. Inlet and outlet are 9/16" H.P. Female. Mounted on a heavy-duty base with a solid foot guard. Also available in...

  • 40K Air-Operated Hand-Held Control Gun

    Gardner Denver Water Jetting Systems proudly introduces the Air-Operated Control System for use in place of expensive rotary air guns for surface preparation and coating removal applications. The air operated control gun works with your existing tumble box just like the current air rotary gun. 

  • 40K Dump Style Tuf-Guns

    Gardner Denver's new ultra-high pressure dump style Tuf-Guns control guns are designed to be the best in the industry for long life, light weight, and to be more ergonomic for operator safety and comfort with all the strength and power to handle the toughest jobs swiftly and effectively!

  • 40K Rotary Control Gun

    The “flagship” for the Gardner Denver Water Jetting Systems line of UHP Surface Preparation Tools, the Vulcan Stripper has seen many years of dependable, continuous service in a wide range of industrial settings and circumstances. The Vulcan Stripper delivers the power to clean the most difficult surfaces down to white metal quickly and cost effectively using a minimum...